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New Riders

New Riders

You’ve decided to join the adventure of motorcycling!  Welcome to a lifetime of excitement!

Congratulations, you are now part of a family of riders who long for the freedom you can only get on two wheels.

If you’re still looking at getting your endorsement, look no further!  Check out our Jumpstart program where you can sit on a real Harley-Davidson Street 500 and practice shifting through the gears and pressing on the throttle.  Once you’ve had a chance to rev the twin-cam engine a bit, ask about our Riding Academy program.  Our expert staff of caring Riding Coaches can teach you the best, and safest way to ride on the streets.  

Already got your endorsement?

We know as a new rider, you need to get that precious practice time in.  If you need some one on one time, contact our Riding Academy and we can schedule a short ride to work on any sticking points, or brush up on the basics.  This is a great opportunity to test fit a Genuine Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.

There are a lot of great programs available for riders, but our favorite for new riders is the Seminole Freedom Promise.  Buy any new or used Harley-Davidson Sportster or Street motorcycle, and within one year your trade in value will be the same as the price you paid.  This means you get the opportunity to ride a real Harley-Davidson that you can call your own; and when you decide you’re ready for a larger bike, this buyback enables you to put all that initial investment into your next Harley. Having a bike of your own puts you in control, and gives you access to the freedom and independence that only a Harley-Davidson delivers. There are literally thousands of customizations you can make to your Harley.  Visit our chrome department and they can help you get your bike custom fit just for you!  From bars and grips, to shocks and seats and everything in between, there are thousands of combinations to make sure that your bike is just that: your bike.  And while you’re there, find about the many other ways you can add your own special touch to your new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

You’ve got the endorsement, you’ve got the bike, but now you want to look the part.  Visit our MotorClothes department and they can guide you through picking out the safest, most comfortable riding gear Harley-Davidson has to offer. Safety is very important, and so is style.  We carry a wide selection of riding gear from boots and pants, to helmets and jackets, and even gloves. And most of our Harley-Davidson MotorClothes come with a warranty to guarantee quality. It is a Florida law that all riders must wear eye protection, and Seminole Harley-Davidson has your eyes covered for all conditions.

We recommend that as a new rider, you check out the H.O.G. tab on our website for information on the local Harley Owner Group, or H.O.G. chapter. This is a great way to not only meet others who are passionate about riding and their Harleys, but also to help make our community a better place.

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