Pack-A-Snack and Lets Ride!! Hosted by L.O.H.

16 January 2022 9:30am - 10:30am

Sandy Stallone and Candise Reno have planned out an EPIC Seaside Sunday Ride for everyone!! Please pack some snacks and join them as they venture down the state on a seaside ride and come back through the middle of the state. If you don't have saddle bags take this opportunity to meet some of your fellow HOG members that do and ask if you can borrow some of their saddle bag space for the day!
KSU @ 9:30am. Please make sure your tanks are topped off and ready to go!

** Please note this will be a longer ride and to plan accordingly**
***More details will be provided as we get closer to the day of***

Level 3 Ride
*Please refer to SCSFHOG.COM for more details about our levels of rides**